Saturday, 28 May 2011

And on to Chivay

Today we made a way to Chivay via .... The highest point we will reach this trip 4800m which is 3 miles high!! Highest either of us have ever been. On the way to the 4800m mark we stopped quite a few times. The guide said it was to see the llamas and alpacas. I think it was more to get us used to the height. At that height even walking a few hundred yards can take your breath away. June suffered a little with soroche ( altitude sickness) but recovered very quickly once the guide rubbed her down with some alcohol. He explained that they had forgotten the oxygen so if go had got any worse it was going to be 'mouth to mouth'!!

The scenery was stunning again. Volcanos all around us.

We stopped at the summit and even there the local had stall out selling their goods.

There was a geocache only a couple of hundred feet away but we didn't manage to get it .... Maybe tomorrow when we return that way.

The hotel in Chivay is very nice with free wifi again!!

The latest news about the next leg to Puno is that it has been cancelled. So we won't be getting to see lake Titicaca or Puno. We will, however, be spending more time in Cuzco which will help us acclimatise for the Inca Trail.

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Location:Av. Salaverry,Chivay,Peru

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