Thursday, 26 May 2011

A day in Arequipa :-)

Nice lay in today as we are not leaving the hotel until 9.00 for a short walk to Monasterio D Santa Catalina.

Before leaving though Alex, our guide, tells us there may be problems ahead at Puno. There are strikes by the miners there (no not the children but the people who work below the ground) that are bringing the city to a grinding halt. Apparently there are 3,500 tourists trying to get but all the roads are blocked. Hey hoe... It will be what it will be but even if we have to miss Puno hopefully we'll find a way to Lake Titicaca.

We as I am sure all our readers are keen to know, Inca Belly is taking a hold of the group and desperate times call for desperate measures....

Fortunately the facilities are a little better than those of the old mother superior at the convent!

We guess it is not surprising as we even have to use bottled water to clean our teeth. We take TOO much for granted in the UK

From there it was on to the Cathedral on the main square which was very simple yet beautiful. We were also taken up to the bell towers (one of which had to be restored after the last big earthquake in 2001).

Despite not having done much other than sit on a coach for the past four days a siesta was required this afternoon! The altitude is noticeable even at this level (2,335m) but we should acclimatise albeit slowly after drinking plenty of coca tea.

Our expression for the day.

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