Wednesday, 25 May 2011

From Nascar To Inca Pueto

Several stops today starting with a burial site, just outside Nascar where all the bodies had been removed by those looking for 'treasure'. From there it was on to the ancient underground aqueduct which still provides water to the town today (both for drinking and crop irrigation)

and then the Antonini Museum which had all kinds of artefacts on display ranging from disformed skulls to cactus needles used for sowing / tapestry.

After that we stopped at Taller de Artesania, a local pottery using traditional methods and designs.

We then hit the Pan American Highway again heading south towards tonight's hotel. 170km through some of the bleakest but constantly changing desert scenery. Hotel Puerto Inka is a bit of a find being nestled in a small cove on sandy beach with nothing else around it.

Tonight we will sleep not with the sounds of lorries thundering past but with the waves of the Pacific crashing on the rocks below.

June has only picked up 3 ( no 5 now) small pieces of rock so far......although she is contemplating a rock cabinet solely for Peru!! Today, maybe, we'll manage to bag our first geocache by the Inca Ruins near to the hotel

Yes we did manage to bag a geocache as we visited the Ruins

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