Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Paracas to Nasca

Sign in hotel... In case of earthquake escape. :-)

Before leaving Paracas we took a boat trip to Islas Ballestas. Fast boat to the islands which was the home to seals, Peruvian Boobies and cormorants. One or two pictures taken here as you can imagine!

Most of this part of Peru is desert but we had lunch at a beautiful oasis.

There were massive sand dunes and several restaurants. We shared our lunch with another couple on the tour and with a very loud Australian. Well she was several tables away but talking to someone on skype and clearly didn't see the need to lower the volume of her voice. Still it was beautiful and reminded us of Meski oasis in Morocco.

After lunch we drove for miles and miles across desert. We hadn't realised there was so much desert in Peru but nothing like the Sahara - in fact like nothing like we've seen before.

Then to the Nascar lines. Due to bad safety records with flying trips over the lines this option wasn't open to us. Instead we climbed a viewing tower... Well I say a viewing tower I think it was an old water tower that had been moved. The Nascar lines were seriously underwhelming. We both expected a little more. The Peruvian government had also chopped one in half when it built the highway.

However the scenery was fabulous .... Stunning !!!!!

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