Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lima to Paracas

Left the hotel at 8.00 to travel south out of Lima. We passed a lot of poverty along the way. It appears in Peru a lot of people move to Lima from other part looking for a 'better life'. Typically, like all of these type of hopes, it never materialises. However in Peru the folks can just find a plot of open land and put up a temporary building for 12 months or so. Then they approach / demonstrate to the government and they get the basic services.... Water, albeit via a bowser and electric. The result is still very basic by UK standards but at least a part way to their wish of a better life.

We stopped at Pachacamac which is a very large site that appears to have hosted many early civilisations. The area has, over many years, been excavated by various archeologists from a few nations.

The museum is small and only had a few exhibits on display but explained the chronology of the area really well. After a trip around the ruins we managed to grab a quick coffee.....ah...

The geology of the area is fascinating. On one side of the road we saw conglomerate from really heavy floods moving tonnes of rock while on the other side of the road was solid rock. The whole area was desert and the dunes stretched for miles.

Once we arrived in Paracas we went straight

to a restaurant and a plate of Ceviche and beer.
Hotel not quite up to last nights Best Western but still very comfortable and probably quieter.

Later in the afternoon we visited the National Park at Paracas. To get to it we were driven across more desert landscape. The sand dunes here were yellows and redish.

At the second stop we watched the sun go down. The redish glow across the sandy desertscape was beautiful.

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Location:Panamericana Sur,,Peru

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