Sunday, 29 May 2011

Only a small flame....

An even earlier start today but managed to get the flight OK.... despite the coach driver's attempt to stall us by turning up at the airport at 6.00am rather than the hotel.

Fantastic views as we flew to Cuzco.

A little excitement as we were taxiing after landing at Cuzco. June looked out of the window to see 5 foot of flame coming out of one of the engines that started licking around the edge of the wing. This lasted for a few seconds before the pilot shut everything down PDQ.

We were joined by two airport fire engines faster than a pilot can walk to the loo when it's his round.

After a short while we were moved and allowed to disembark.

So on to the city of Cuzco. The hotel is a renovated colonial building with all mod cons. Much of the accommodation we have stayed in was described in the brochure as basic but we've had no complaints so far.

Alex the guide took us for an orientational walk to the main square before we had lunch and the second decent cup of coffee since we've been here (well for June anyway as all the milk so far has been evaporated).

The extra days in Cuzco mean that we have time to have some rest and hopefully recover from all our ailments before heading off on the trail. Also allows us to get some laundry done properly - one pair of Bob's underpants hanging out of the window to dry is probably enough for the locals!


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