Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weaving, terraces and salt.

After a more respectable start of 9.00am it was off to see some of the sights surrounding Cuzco.

Our first stop was the village of Chinchero where they produce textiles using traditional Inca methods. We were given a demonstration of how the wool, sheep and alpaca, was spun, dyed and woven before being let loose in the shop. It was fascinating.

From there to Moray where the Incas farmed on terraces in a bowl on the side of the mountain. This means it had it's own micro-climate which acted like a greenhouse and a different crop grew on each level.

Our last stop was the salt pans near Maras an almost deserted former colonial town. There are approx 3,000 pools and a person would own 5 or 6. The source of the water is deep inside the mountain where the water passes over a very large block of salt before exiting out into the valley and the pools.

On the health front we both seem to be almost back to normal and are at least eating again.....

Our favourite coffee shop so far... Trotamundos in Plaza De Armas, Cuzco.

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