Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spending, walking and drinking.

Today we went to the Sacred Valley. As we see more and more of this area we are growing more and more fond if it. It is truly beautiful.

On the way to Pisac Market we stopped to take photos of the valley ( we will publish a link to our best shots once back in the UK and we have uploaded them to our Google Photos).

Once at the Market we visited a local Silver jewellers that actually make the items on site. We managed to find each other a 'special' little pressie and the bank account only gave a little sigh.

From there we went to Ollantaytambo - almost a mini warm up for Machu Picchu, where we climbed 240 steps to the top. This is the site of an Inca Fortress and Terraces.

While most of the terraces have been reconstructed the main section at the top is original. It is amazing how the Inca managed to build walls without using mortar and getting the blocks to fit so flush.

There is no gap at all in between the blocks and the ones at the top are about 10 feet high by 4 feet wide. These blocks were quarried from a hill side 12 kms away the other side of the very steep valley.

On the way back to Cuzco we stopped at a house to try some Chicha.

This is a natural alcoholic drink made from maize. I think we were all expecting something a little rank but were pleasantly surprised. The girlies had a special version made by adding strawberries.

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