Monday, 6 June 2011

The adventure begins.....

08.30 start and all our kit loaded in the bus that was going to take us to the start of the trail.

Stopped at Ollantaytambo to take a look in a typical Incan style house. It was here too we first saw our porters who were loading our kit into a truck that was to take them to the start point. It was very reassuring to see our sleeping bags being thrown on board.

We were then taken a few Km to where we were to start from but first we were fed with rice, mince and lupins.

As we ate we watched the porters weigh and pack the kit they were to carry. It appeared that no one really wanted to carry 3 dozen eggs though.

Through the start check point and at last onto the trail. To be honest we only did about 4 miles but at this altitude, 2600m, it was a little harder that back in the UK.

As we approached the edge of a down hill section we stopped and could see our campsite below. The porters had raced ahead and almost had finished sorting out the whole site.... erecting 9 x 2 man tents, a mess tent and a cooking tent.

The honeymoon suite.

The tents are 2 birth and somewhat compact. Not too sure Bob can lay full out, but, you can't beat the location at the foot of some Inca ruins and next to the Urubamba River.

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