Monday, 6 June 2011

The second day...challenge

Top advice. If you intend doing the Inca Trail do your utmost to avoid getting Inca Belly on the first night!!

Up at 6.00 for tea and breakfast. Then we all introduced ourselves to the porters and them to us.

Left about 8.30 to pass almost straight away another Inca ruin.

This was a long day walking ending up at 3850m with a total climb of over 1100m (3600 ft), which does not sound too much but at this altitude is hard work. The last 2 hours was 500m continuos climbing up stone steps.

To be honest Bob does not remember too much of it in detail. The night before it was touch and go if he could even carry on.

The scenery continues to be stunning. Every corner you turn gives you a more and more spectacular view. The climbing uphill was tough but we did it.

This was the 2nd day camp site

The porters are amazing. They leave after us having packed all the tents etc up and over take us on the trail, often running, to get to the next stop be it lunch or overnight camp site. The food is plentiful and we have certainly not been hungry.

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