Monday, 6 June 2011

Dead Woman's Pass and beyond.

Thankfully Bob is feeling better to day. Still not eating fully but much better.

5.00 wake up call!!!! With snow falling.

Breakfast and Coca Tea, which helps with altitude sickness they say. Left the campsite at 6.30 for a 400m climb to Dead Woman's Pass, the highest point on the trail at 4200m, so called because of the rock formation. Personally I think they have been drinking too much Coca Tea. The rock formation left a lot to the imagination :-).

June at Dead Woman's Pass

As the saying goes, whatever goes up must go down... And so did we. More steps. As the Incans were very small people why oh why did they think it necessary to build such high steps?

The scenery still manages to impress us all the time.

We continued to a second pass where we had an Incan Ceremony to bring us luck.

Then another steep descent and short climb to our lunch site. By this time the porters had overtaken us, erected a mess tent and cooked us a 2 course lunch!

After lunch the climbing and descent was less severe. After just over an hour we reached our third campsite.

And tomorrow we will see Machu

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