Monday, 6 June 2011

The last day....

Up at 5.00 again today but mainly due to voting in Peru and the Porters need to be back in their village in order to vote. If they don't the get fined 150 soles ( just under £40 which is a huge amount to these guys)

Still it was a great start to an easier day. The route took us past several Inca ruins.

Hector our trail guide. A really great bloke.... With a great sense of humour

Incan terraces where they grew food

View from the sun gate to MP... This is what we had walked 48km for... Wonderful

4 days, 3 nights, 48 kms, lost count of no of steps but in excess of 2000 and highest point reached 4200m ( just under 14,000 feet).

Over all the best outdoor experience either of us have ever had. The guides were brill. Good sense of humour, vast knowledge of the area, they were there when you needed them and not when you didn't. A good pace bearing in mind we were a mixed group with some not maybe at full fitness ( including Bob on day two).

Certainly if you're thinking of doing this trek DO IT !! And on our experience we would have no hesitation in recommending Explore Worldwide, who use local guides with lots of local knowledge.

The porters were great. As you arrived at the camp site we were greeted with Coca tea and bowls of water to take a wash. Same in the morning. Such service at such remoteness.

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