Saturday, 11 June 2011

After the rain

It appeared to rain all night... And the river Tambopata had risen by at least 2m, and this is a river that is over 100m wide for most of the way.

Early river trip back to the airport but nearly foiled by the bus driver who collected us at the river port when he decided to go off road a little on the dirt track. We were well and truly stuck in the mud! We were all asked to get orf the bus as the guides pushed and dug. As is normal in situations like this half the coach became instant experts about getting stuck in the mud,comments like ' well he should have backed up and taken a run at it' and ' he should have got us all out before he tried to drive out of the mud' flew thick and fast. I am sure it was all this hot air that helped dry the mud a little and help the crew eventually launch forward out of the gloop and get us back on the road.

The bus at 90 degrees to the road

Sat at the airport just comparing it with Heathrow.... Well it's just got a little better in that the air con has just kicked in... Someone switched on the 6 ceiling fans.

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