Friday, 10 June 2011

So that's why they call it the RAIN forest

Up at 6.00 ( I thought this was meant to be a holiday! ) and after breakfast down to the boat and upstream for a few minutes. Then back into the forest. At this point it was drizzling a little.... The aim was to see some parrots and macaws ( yes we know you can see them at the local zoo but not quite the same ) licking clay!!!! Yes these birds eat a fruit diet and need to lick clay to balance their diet ( how on earth did they find that... Did they start with tree bark moving onto bamboo maybe give a dead caiman a go before they found out clay was the answer?).

It took about an hour to get to the hide and just as we were on the home stretch the rain began big time. And it didn't stop... In fact it still hasn't stopped. But this is the rain forest after all. Frank our guide said that we had been the hardest 'rained' on customers he had ever had..... Thanks Frank knowing I am first at something helps a little.

We managed to see a few macaws getting their fix of clay and they are quite impressive birds in their natural habitat.

the view from the Macaw OP

The walk home was ..... Wet and fast. The short boat trip was like a scene from Perfect Storm with a local Peruvian taking the role of George Clooney.

Still we are back at the lodge now and a little dryer. But there is a little mound of wet cloths now that I guess won't dry before we leave for Lima tomorrow first thing.

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