Friday, 10 June 2011

A walk in the woods.

June got a bit of a shock when she went to the bathroom in the night there was large frog 'suckered' onto the clear plastic shower curtain. Needless to say she didn't have her camera with her.

And we thought we had left the early starts on the Inca trail....Up at 04.30 for breakfast at 05.00. Then off for a walk in the forest. After about 10 minutes we came to a 30m high observation tower.

From here we could see parrots, toucans, weaver birds and even caught a glimpse of a howler monkey.

Then we continued into the forest stopping now and again for Frank, our guide, to point things out or to tell us what the latest sound we had heard was.

The track led to a lake where we all got on board a canoe for Frank to row us about on whilst spotting the wildlife - birds, bats and fish including piranha (needless to say we kept our hands inside the boat!).
It was then back to the lodge for a few hours r & r including lunch (no skimping on the food again!).

Later we went for a walk to a hide near to some clay where animals visited....or so we were told. Sadly nothing popped up while we were there:-)

After tea, and the food is wonderful, we had agreed to go on a boat in the dark looking for caiman. While we were waiting Frank our guide said' so Bob what do you do?'
Bob,'I am retired'
Frank, ' what did you do?'
Bob, ' I was a cop'
Frank,' A cop?'
Bob,' A policeman'
Frank,'Ah a cowboy!'
So my reputation had arrived before me.

The boat trip was a little more successful that the afternoons walk. We did see 1 caiman on the river bank. We also saw a line of leaf cutter ants on the way to the boat plus a few scorpions and spiders. Amazing.

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